Johan Herland

Software Engineer – Git Expert – Tool Sharpener

Industriestraat 59, 2624 BB Delft, Nederland

"Move slow and mend things"


Work Experience

Delft, NL/Remote
September 2022 – Present
Developer Productivity Engineer

Oslo, NO
October 2011 – September 2022
Cisco Systems Norway AS
Software Engineer

May 2007 – November 2014
Git project

Oslo, NO
July 2004 – September 2011
Opera Software ASA
Core Developer

Relevant Skills

Technical Writing

2023 Separating debug symbols from executables Tweag blog
2023 Integrating Testwell CTC++ with Bazel Tweag blog
2023 Behind the scenes with FawltyDeps v0.13.0, matching imports with dependencies Tweag blog
2023 Announcing FawltyDeps, a dependency checker for your Python code Tweag blog

Public Speaking

2023 Finding undeclared and unused dependencies in your notebooks and projects, PyData Global Online/Remote
2022 The Git Parable, Tweag internal knowledge sharing Online/Remote
2018 The Git Parable, NDC TechTown Kongsberg, NO
2018 Building useful project utils in Python, NDC TechTown Kongsberg, NO
2017 Making a Headless Android Device (with Patricia Aas), NDC TechTown Kongsberg, NO
2016 Elegant Filesystem Interactions in Python using pathlib, ACCU Conference Bristol, UK
2013 The Git Parable, ACCU Conference Bristol, UK
2012 The Git Parable, Meetup with the local Tekna chapter Oslo, NO


Kingston, Ontario, CA
2000 – 2004
Queen's University
Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours

Other Experience

June 1998 – January 2008
Herland Software (sole proprietorship)
Website development and administration

Kingston, Ontario, CA
April 2003 – August 2003
Queen's University
Research Asssistant, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kingston, Ontario, CA
January 2003 – April 2003
Queen's University
Teaching Asssistant

Other Skills

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