Johan Herland

Software Engineer – Git Expert

Schutterstraat 8, 2611 MX Delft, Nederland

"Move slow and mend things"


Work Experience

Delft, NL/Remote
September 2022 – Present
Developer Productivity Engineer

Oslo, NO
October 2011 – September 2022
Cisco Systems Norway AS
Software Engineer

May 2007 – November 2014
Git project

Oslo, NO
July 2004 – September 2011
Opera Software ASA
Core Developer

Relevant Skills

Public Speaking

2022 The Git Parable , Tweag internal knowledge sharing Online/Remote
2018 The Git Parable , NDC TechTown Kongsberg, NO
2018 Building useful project utils in Python , NDC TechTown Kongsberg, NO
2017 Making a Headless Android Device (with Patricia Aas) , NDC TechTown Kongsberg, NO
2016 Elegant Filesystem Interactions in Python using pathlib , ACCU Conference Bristol, UK
2013 The Git Parable , ACCU Conference Bristol, UK
2012 The Git Parable , Meetup with the local Tekna chapter Oslo, NO

Attended Trainings

2021 Linux Security and Isolation APIs, Michael Kerrisk Online/Remote
2020 SELinux Administration, Ralf Spenneberg Online/Remote
2019 Fast Track to OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project, Chris Simmonds Kongsberg, NO
2019 Secure Coding in C and C++, Olve Maudal Oslo, NO
2018 Intermediate Python, Robert Smallshire Kongsberg, NO
2016 Building and Using Shared Libraries on Linux, Michael Kerrisk Oslo, NO
2016 Linux/UNIX System Programming, Michael Kerrisk Oslo, NO
2015 Python Advanced, Kevlin Henney Oslo, NO
2015 Python Foundation, Kevlin Henney Oslo, NO


Kingston, Ontario, CA
2000 – 2004
Queen's University
Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours

Other Experience

June 1998 – January 2008
Herland Software (sole proprietorship)
Website development and administration

Kingston, Ontario, CA
April 2003 – August 2003
Queen's University
Research Asssistant, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kingston, Ontario, CA
January 2003 – April 2003
Queen's University
Teaching Asssistant

Other Skills

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